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Splashing Around

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Aerobic exercise, which is physical activity that increases your heart rate and use of oxygen, has many benefits.

It can strengthen your heart, improve blood flow, keep your arteries clear, and reduce the risks of many health conditions. Walking and running are the forms of aerobic exercise most people think of, but there’s another type that is just as good for you and easier on your joints – swimming.

Swimming is a full-body workout that involves your major muscle groups and your cardiovascular system. Because it doesn’t involve impact, as walking and especially running do, it is a good option for people with arthritis, certain disabilities, injuries, or other conditions that rule out high-impact exercise. (One study indicates swimming may even relieve joint pain and stiffness for people with arthritis, and another showed reduction of pain for people with multiple sclerosis.)

Swimming is also a great form of exercise for older adults who may be dealing with joint pain, as well as pregnant people. (Of course, it’s always recommended to check with your doctor before starting a new type of exercise, and if you have asthma, you may want to look for a salt pool instead of a traditional chlorine pool.)

If you’re looking for a pool, you probably have a few local options. Many YMCAs have pools with set times for lap swimming, as do some neighborhood pools and other gyms. Some employers partner with local gyms to offer discounted memberships, and Lifestyle Spending Accounts may also cover those fees.

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